7/06/2009 01:57:00 AM

Cascading Style Sheets...

I'm finally done with coding my blog layout to remotely look like what I had originally intended for it to look like. I think I will just leave it for now until I get my next spurt of masochistic inspiration to redo the design but which time I would have mostly forgotten about the agony of blogger's CSS dependency and ridiculous amount of hidden dropdown boxes to select and click.

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♥akisa♥ said...

thanks for your advice on the blush! You're so right about "fanta" cheeks. I have an orange blush that can look like that. I think I will try to find a blush that has both pink and peach tones to it. My face is so flat that blush can easily make me look like the 80's.. Haha

saintangelius said...

Glad to be of service, dear lady!
Maybe the Laneige Snow Magic blush set? It has this nice rich peach tone that goes well on fair skin.

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