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More of the same...

After the previous post I searched around and realised I really did have everything from that range. Right down to their not so-great-smelling sunblock. I bought all these a month ago just before I took a trip to Indonesia hoping to catch some holiday sun. Needless to say after popping open the tube and rubbing some on my hand I capped it and left it behind instead. It has an overwhelming smell of... sunblock. Did not fancy that under my makeup at all. I slathered some on in the morning before work and I could still smell that tell-tale scent during dinner. But at least one knows it works.

The day protector with the lower SPF was kinder in terms of smells. But I didn't feel well protected with only SPF26 PA+++. Not when my office is loaded with florecent tubes.

Incidentally, all the products in the picture are for sale. Maybe someone could better appreciate them more than I did. The face wash is brand new(wrapped) going for RM12, the Sunblock is RM15 and the day protector is RM13. Take all for RM35. If you are overseas we can discuss shipping. If you are local we can COD in KLCC. I should consider posting this in LYN as well.

I quite enjoyed the megavotage exfoliator and the peeling mask (blue tube). It's not the best but it does make cleansing fun. the peel-off mask is like a pore pack only in liquid. You smear it on the areas that you want to de-clog.

I forgot to do a short write up on ZA in my previous post.

ZA New York is a skincare and cosmetics range born from the collaboration of Shiseido and a NY based company called ZOTOS from way back in the 1930s. Eventually Shiseido bought over the company and it's products in the 80s and turned it into an extention of their own budget brand portfolio for asian and oceania countries outside of japan. These countries are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China just to name a few. I think New Zealand has them but I'm not able to locate any in Australia. Up until 2007 (i think) Hawaii used to carry ZA as well.

Apart from it's wide range of skincare (4 full lines is big for a budget brand) ZA also manufactures a range of cosmestics. The colours are vibrant and yet tasteful. Think of it as something a college girl would wear. Or maybe an OL just starting out at her first job. Their powder foundation palettes are some of their best sellers as it's shades have been able to match the south east asian skintone well (slightly more tanned) and doesn't melt away too much in it's brazen humidity.

The lastest product to hit the stores from ZA is a pore smoother. Works alright but a tad bit too much silicone for my taste. Makes your skin super smooth. Artificially smooth. I do however adore their oil blotting paper. It's blue... pretty...

That's my two cents

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