7/08/2009 12:12:00 AM

The Grass is always greener...

I did this photoshoot a while back when Akisa did this post about green nail polish. I immediately looked to my stash as I recently went on a Majolica Majorca nail polish buying frenzy and one of them happened to be this minty green.

Product : MM nail polish - glow and quick
Price : RM18.95 (cheaper during sales)
Colour Code: GR 140
Description : A nice milky mint green with irridecent shimmers. No glitter. Picture shows 2 coats.
Comments: Can be a little bit streaky if you don't have to patience to fiddle with the brush just right. They have a matching brilliant green glitter polish that is suppose to go as a top coat to this green.

That was 2 weeks ago. I'm currently sporting MM's PK133 which I will get The Boyfriend to take a shot of tomorrow. I have a strange affinity towards nail polishes as it was one of the very few makeup items I could use in school (uniforms and rigid rules) and get away with. We had to wear these white school shoes and socks as part of our uniform so I painted my toes often. Not like they were going to make me take them off during a spot check session anyways.

p/s: There's a Paul and Joe warehouse sale starting tomorrow until the 10th at Corus Hotel, KL. 70% off!

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Ai said...

love the nail polish color <3

saintangelius said...

Thank you ^_^ For something that was cool toned and pastel to beat, it went very well with my skin tone.

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