7/09/2009 02:40:00 PM

What OLs do on lunch break...

I shoveled food into my mouth extra fast today just so that I could steal a few minutes to dash to Corus hotel and see what Paul and Joe goodies I could snag. Fortunately I arrived at the time when the first lunch crowd was just leaving and there was a minature break in the amount of people that were in the hall. The regular brands were there from Givenchy to Paris Hilton.

Ah... the cheap scent of warehouse stock perfumes bargain hunters. You know the kind that have about 6 to 7 differrent EDTs sprayed up and down both arms.

So without further ado, my modest haul of Paul and Joe.

Damage done:
2007 makeup pouch = RM60
Facecolour powder B No.46 Etoile Filante = RM31
Facecolour powder B No.48 Horloge de Fleurs = RM 31
Eye gloss No.02 Lueur du Matin = RM31
Lipstick N No.01 = RM31

I love the french names. So do the Japanese in fact. Something about the foreign sounding words that lends an air of effortless beauty and elegance to the cosmetics eventhough it is basically some sort of rock beaten to dusk, coloured far beyond it's original state, squeezed into a tin pan and shoved on to a plastic container for millions of people to exchange pieces of paper for in hopes of adding more surrealistic definition to their hide.

God! I love Makeup!

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Jamilla Camel said...

Fantastic haul!! Well done--I love it all!

ning * star said...

hi dear, please get back to me, where did u get those P&J in Malaysia?

saintangelius said...

Life is good when you can shop for makeup at bargain prices ^__^

Hihi! Paul and Joe has 3 counters in Klang Valley. Parkson KLCC, Isetan Lot10 and Parkson Subang Parade(i think this one is closes to you right?). The KLCC one is going to move to Pavillion on the 15th of July. I prefer that one because the SA Nancy is very very nice. I hauled the items in the picture from the Warehouse Sale today in Corus Hotel right across the road from KLCC. GOGO! Tomorrow is the last day! Until 6:30 PM!

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