Being a blog about OL life it seems quite fitting that I do my posts while at my office desk. We are a rather liberal company that doesn't mind what the employees do as long as we finish our allocated tasks for the day. Besides, I have perfected the art of the serious concentration face. You know, the kind your tax account gives when you dumb a large pile of receipt wads at his desk 1 week to the cut off date. That look that signals to anyone who dares interrupt that they better have a damn good reason to mess with your super work mojo.

Yes. I wear that face too when I'm reading VGCats in the office in the mornings with my cuppa.

Today I wanted to talk about skin conditions in the office. As we all know air-conditioning in the office tends to be a bit on the dry side particularly when you are in a huge office block in the middle of the city like me( I work on the 13th floor round the corner from KLCC). In our office for example, the AC only has 2 settings, 'Bloody Cold' or 'Off'. Needless to say it's on most of the time. I find that the AC dries out my eyes and skin alot. It was not something I have noticed before as my previous office was smaller in an area away from the main city. This has lead me to start searching for ways and means to rehydrate while in the office or at least preserve what little moisture i have left on the surface of my skin.

I keep tube/bottle of lotion on my desk at all times. It's rather annoying when you feel your fingertips dry up and become papery while you are typing. Worse when you have to sort through some paperwork.

The current bottle is Vaseline's healthy white lotion. I choose this not for it's whitening abilities but rather for the titanium Dioxide that it contains. I'm always been told that flourescent lights can emit UV rays and it's good to always wear sunscreen (Diorsnow White Reveal UV Shield SPF50) even in the office. I don't really put sunblock on my body on weekdays because I don't like smelling of it so this was a rather pleasant alternative. It's got a strong scent but it disappears fairly quickly so not much worry there. I fill up a small pot of the stuff as well for my handbag just so that I can have some at hand when I'm out and about.
My absolute favourite hand cream though is L'occitane's Lavander harvest hand cream. That stuff is what I use at night. Soothing lavender makes bed time very inviting.

Ok, back to the office...

I don't wear contacts but my eyes still feel dry after a couple of hours. I have some eyemo eyedrops(not pictured) sitting on my desk too. I would really like to try Rohto but I'm always missing the pre-orders for that. I keep a small can of AVENE's thermal water mist handy for those sleepy moments.

Office moisture protection is important. The next item I'm waiting to buy is Paul and Joe's moisture gel that reputedly goes over your makeup without messing it up.

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Zwala said...

hey there..nice blog..:)
new follower here..
n i pretty much laughed at wearing a serious concentrated faces..hahaa

saintangelius said...

Thank you! I will endeavor to entertain as much as I can ^_^

Jamilla Camel said...

Yep, if you look like you're in zombie-land no one bothers you ;-)

I have given up wearing contacts during the day...staring at a computer screen has reduced my blink rate to zero and I have to pry them off at the end of the day. So, I wear my glasses.

I agree with you about the air conditioning...two weeks of heavy duty air con here in Bangalore has give me a bit of a sore throat. This also happened to me in Costa Rica.

I also wear my SPF90+ all the time, even sitting at my computer!

ning * star said...

u know, today I just can't make it to the P&J warehouse. I don't know the location and I was OT.. so bad!

oh, u should try the vaselin yellow color one, i think is soy blablabla... i like that one very much!

saintangelius said...

Yes! I'm not the only one who thinks Office ACs are evil! My colleagues think I'm a nutter for wanting to open the window.

I'm tried the yellow one and the white one too! The green one I've tested only in the shops. It smells nice. That should be my next target for office hand lotion. I love the white one for traveling as it stands up well to hotel ACs at night.

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