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Pucker up...

This is my entry for Akisa's beautyswatch contest.

I thought long as hard about this post before I got round to taking the shots. I never wore much lip colours before because my lips weren't my favourite feature. In fact, up until last year I refrained from wearing anything at all other than clear lip balm. This is the reason why:

I have this permanent discolouration on my lip line which makes it difficult for me to wear any of the nice sheer shades that are much in favour by all the cosmetic companies these days. One some days it's light but on a day like this one it tends to be quite dark. Some people say think it's from smoking ( I do not smoke at all), some say it's because I don't remove the lipstick properly(but I don't wear any!), some say it's hormones ( since the age of 7?). For me, I believe it's a care of genes. You see, this very unique and unusual lip discolouration pattern is a common thing within my family on my father's side. My dad has it, My uncle has it, my cousins have it, my granddad has it. Even my great grand father but of course it wasn't overtly obvious in the last years of his life as geriatrics tend to not have much lip anyways ^^;;
Another feature that came along with the discolouration is extreme lip peeling. We have very dry lips. I have tried a truck load of lipbalms, lip salves, lip glosses and lip treatments. The only thing I haven't done is getting something done professionally with which cost is an issue. Allthough moisturising most lip balms then to just make the dry skin white and icky and only encourage it to peel some more. Lip exfoliators can only do so much for me. If you guys have any advice or super lip product please leave me a comment as I would like to try it out.

So, on to the product review!

Brand: Shiseido Maquillage
Name : Neo Climax Lip
Shade: RD745

This is my favourite lip colour to use. It's moisturizing to the point that I don't get little white tips of skin poking up. It's also well pigmented because the discolouration on my lips does not detract from the over all effect of the colour. It's a natural shade that matches my on lips thus making it look almost... normal. Also, I don't have to carry a separate lipgloss with this one as the shine is very inviting yet not plasticky.

I have branched off to try other brands like paul and joe, shu and mac but I still come back to this one for important functions and events. This is the one where I know I will get the right look no matter how dark my lips might look that day.

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Jamilla Camel said...

It looks gorgeous! Do try other lippies that are moisturizing and have good coverage, like Shiseido Perfect Rouge/

♥akisa♥ said...

good choice!! I guess you just need to find a lip shade that evens out the colour. Or you could fill your lips with lip liner and top it off with a hydrating lippie or gloss~ thanks for entering! I really appreciate it!

saintangelius said...

thank you! Now if only they can make this one a little more resilliant and not come off on my glass or tea cup so easily. I'm definately eyeing more shiseido lipsticks!

Thanks! I'll keep you posted if I have anymore new buys worthy of sharing for your swatch blog! I tried the lip liner thing before or at least an SA did it for me. Was a weird experience. Maybe the gloss was too gloopy. Also by shiseido.

sizbelle not my real name... said...

hi, probably you wana try the kevin beautymaker lip concealer and it works to conceal lip line...

hevn said...

I agree with sizbelle, you can always use a lip concealer to conceal the natural lip colour and then slap on your favourite sheer/pale lip colour.

You don't have to buy a specific brand of lip concealer since you can always apply a little lip balm then put on your normal concealer all over your lips then only the lipstick and gloss.

But if you really want a lip concealer then perhaps you can try Etude House as they have it as well and it ain't too pricy.

Just because you think your lips ain't your best feature don't ignore it too, growing up I hated the shape of my eyes but now I make it my best feature :D

Do post up if you decide to try this out

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