8/24/2009 03:45:00 PM

The best things in life are free...

Most of you would know by now that my current obsession is RMK. I'm riveted with anticipation to try their skincare! High cost has stopped me from blindly plonking down my credit card for the set. My mum used to call me the 'spendthrift'... Sighs... It's not so bad now becuase she benefits from all my masks and creams. I even do her makeup for her various functions and dinners. She loaths going to these social events because it means she has to dress up. She thought she put it all behind her when she retired from her high profile job - low and behold, dad's still in the game! cracks me up all the time when she comes running to my wardrobe for something new to wear. We are the same height and build.

Anywho, where was I? Oh yes, RMK. On friday I walked over to KLCC to pick up my usual order of magazines from Kinokuniya. I thought to myself "since I'm walking through Isetan anyways, I'm sure there is no harm for me to stop by the RMK counter and look for their brochures". I'm a really am a brochure junkie. If anyone is going to send me anything please include the brochures! I love reading them.
At the RMK counter I spoke to the SA. He was such a sweet guy. After a chat about the skintuners and the fruit barrier cream and also how much it took to join the RMK Club. We got to talking about the Sale season and all. I must have had such an 'eager beaver' look on my face that he slipped me some samples. Shibby ^_^

SAMPLES! I love samples. I have a secret stash of them. I love saving them. It's so hard to bring myself to use them, with all their minature packaging. I used to horde the SkinFood ones to the point where I had to use them or they'd expire. Good thing I learnt to keep tabs on which was from when.

On Saturday, the Boyfriend and I went to Midvalley and the Gardens. There was another RMK counter there that I casually sauntered over to and proceeded to ask the exact same questions. This other SA recommended a different skintuner to me compared to the other guy on friday. I must have has a look of great perplexity that she proceeded to offer me more samples of the ones that she was talking about. It's so easy to make me happy.

I'll give the samples a test run and let you guys know of my initial impression.

More samples!!! This time from shiseido, Watsons and Sasa. Yes. I kinda accidentally hauled, if that were even possible. This is the damage:

Maquillage Moisture Rouge (Color On Type) - RD230 = RM90.00
Maquillage Lip Essence = RM32.00 (SPECIAL PRICE!)
Kate Designing Eyebrow N = RM32.51 (10% off)
Watson's Sealed Edges Cotton Pads = RM4.90 (not pictured)
Aquajuju Aquamoist Collagen Cream = RM68.50 (not pictured - repurchase)

Look at the samples the Shiseido SA gave me! Normally you don't get samples when you buy one lipstick. I should know. I've done that many times and I sure wasn't expecting samples this round. Just for the lipstick she even gave me a mini makeover and did my eyebrows.
Will do a review on the lipstick and lip essence soon. But I've already opened the lip essence and I must say, "It's good stuff that one!"

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Jamilla Camel said...

Fab goodies!

saintangelius said...

Jamilla -

Blair said...

I wonder why don't the SAs give us (much) samples? Do we really need to purchase above a certain amount to get em?

Alan Tan said...

Blair , thats because ' the boyfriend 'is there on the sheseido counter..

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