8/25/2009 08:45:00 PM

Squeaky Clean...

I recently discovered something very interesting in my favourite 100yen shop.

Daiso Sponge Detergent.

I have seen this on some singaporean blogs where the beautyblogger raved about this being a gentler formula than MAC's brush cleanser that she uses it on her brushes as well. I was intrigued. Could it really be better than MAC? The next time I was in Daiso I made sure to put a bottle in my basket. When I got home I was itching to do the experiment. My curiousity was getting the better of me.

This is the sponge from my Paul and Joe Dual Protective Powder Foundation. Needless to say I should have washed it more often but evidence suggest I never really bothered. I know, naughty saint. I never knew how to clean sponges properly. I used to wash them with a some warm water and body soap but that ruined quite a number of sponges in the past. So, as you can see, the sponge still has a portion of the 'original' colour just to show you the difference.
I wet the sponge under some running water and pour about 2 cm diameter amount on to the sponge and proceeded to give it a couple of squeezes and a little more water. At first nothing happened. And then make up was coming off the sponge and on my hand. It looked exactly like liquid foundation. I gave the sponge a quick rinse and squeezed some more. Then the foam started coming out. Bubbles everywhere! I washed and washed. In about 10 minutes did the water run clear. Phew. This is the result.

I say it's a good outcome. Splendid if I do say so myself! I think I will now wash my sponge religiously every friday without fail.


I'm thinking of starting a series of posts to talk about various skincare and makeup brands available in Malaysia and how to get them. I'll start with those that I have tried personal first tho. I want to create something like an informative buying guide for those who want to find out more about those brands before marching up to a counter. I might as well put all that brochure collection of mine to good use. What do you ladies think? Leave a message ^_^

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Blair said...

I like this sponge detergent a lot! (already bought a back up haha)

Please do! It'd be very helpful =D

saintangelius said...

Blair -
I'll get to work on them o.o-b

ning * star said...

ahhh... i haven't see this in the Daiso yet.. will take some effort to search for it. but can it use to clean brush as well?

saintangelius said...

ning -
I definately think so! It's like shampoo. You might have to mix it in a bowl of water and then swirl your brushes in it instead of putting the gel directly on your brush o.o-b

Yumeko said...

oh i use this to wash my brushes too XD
it works quite well!!

Jian said...

I wish you'd posted this (and I'd read it) before I went to Japan! I really need a sponge cleaner. I think it's such a waste to chuck a sponge, but they're so difficult to clean. =_=

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