8/26/2009 03:54:00 PM

On the bathroom counter today...

I was reading Blair's blog yesterday and she had done a post about the products that she's using right now. I found it a very fun read. Seeing as the office was pretty quiet today and I'm fed up with programming .asp websites I decided to try my hand at it. I'm trying to keep it precisely to what I've used today.


Day Skin Care
Cleanser: ZA True White Cleansing Foam
Toner: Dr. Jart+ Multiaction Balancing Toner
Eye Cream: none at the moment - waiting for beautymaker ^_^
Day Serum: Paul and Joe Whitening Serum
Day Moisturizer: Dr. Jart+ Multiaction Essence Lotion
Sunblock: CD DiorSnow White Reveal UV Shield SPF50PA+++
Lip Balm: Mentholatum SuperSoft Treatment lipbalm

Night Skin Care
Makeup Remover: CyberColors Gentle Eye and Lip makeup remover
Cleanser: ZA True White Facial Cleansing Foam
Exfoliator: Laneige Strawberry Peeling Gel
Toner: Dr. Jart+ Multiaction Balancing Toner
Eye Cream: none - it's in the post on the way
Night Serum: Paul & Joe Beaute Whitening Serum
Night Moisturizer: Aquajuju Aquamoist Collagen Cream
Sleeping Mask: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
Lip Balm: BodyShop LipButter

Primer: Paul and Joe Protective Foundation Primer UV SPF40PA+++
BB Cream: Dr.Jart+ Silver Label BB Cream SPF35PA+++
Liquid Foundation: Paul and Joe Protective Fluid Foundation N (I have the powder
version for touchups)
Mineral Foundation: none
Concealer: none - waiting for P&J's fall release for the undereye concealer ^^
Powder: Paul and Joe Face Powder N
Eye Brow: Majolica Majorca Eyebrow pencil, Kate Designing Eyebrows Palette
Eye Liner: KissMe Liquid Eyeliner pen
Mascara: Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing
Contouring/Highlighting: Maquillage Design Remake Powder in Silky Pink
Blush: Majolica Majorca MJ Spice Collection Dolly Spice

Body Care

Shower Gel: Shokubutsu Green tea Shower Gel
Body Lotion: Thann Rice Extract Body Milk
Scrub: Eversoft Marine extract(?) Body Scrub
Sunblock: ZA True White Sun Screen SPF40PA+++ - but i use it sparingly as I don't like the scent

Hair Care

Shampoo: Shiseido Tsubaki Red
Conditioner: Shiseido Tsubaki Red
Leave In Hair Conditioner: none
Mask: Shiseido Tsubaki Red Treatment EX


That about sums it up. I just realised that I use quite a fair bit of Paul and Joe and Shiseido... hmmm... Maybe I need to branch out a bit... but their stuff is good!

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Blair said...

I was just going to mention that you have a LOT of P&J in your arsenal haha

Thanks for doing this tag =D You've listed some great products for me to look into..

saintangelius said...

Blair -
Haha! It's still not enough! I remember looking at the dressing table of the Japan brand manager for P&J in JJ Magazine(i think, could have been non-no) and she had TONNES! It was so pretty beyond words. You know what I mean with all their delicate flower details.
Give me a buzz if you need help locating any of the items that interest you ^_^

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