8/17/2009 12:14:00 AM

Toning up...

Product: Dr. Jart+ Multi Action Balancing Toner
Price : RM92 (after conversion plus shipping)

Active Ingredients:
Betaine, Carica Papaya (papaya) fruit extract, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Oenanthe Javanica Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract, Hordeum Vulgare Leaf Extract.

It says:
Alcohol-Free, Pigment-Free, Perfume-Free

I was intrigued by this brand after trying their Silver Label BB cream which I found to be quite effective. I was looking around for a new skincare range to try having decided to move on from ZA True White and I chanced upon this in LYN. I have always known about the range but never had the opportunity to get it until now. And it was rather affordable too. So i PM-ed the seller, put in my order.
I liked the fact that this was a toner that didn't have all the regular chemicals in it. I wasn't ready to go fully organic so this was a pleasant 'inbetweener' if you catch my drift.

This is a colourless liquid that has the consistency of ... err... Chinese soup stock (?). It's not as 'wet' as regular toners because of it's lack of alcohol. It's not gel like either. Think of it as like a heavier molecule-d water base. I wonder if I'm making sense. It smells faintly of citrus from the bottle but upon application the smell disappears. It is not as astringent as it's alcoholic counterparts but the witch hazel in it leaves a fresh feeling. Doesn't remove any makeup like most toners but leaves skin feeling quite hydrated even after strong exfoliators.
I will probably repurchase this if not for me dying to try the RMK skin tuners. Maybe if the skin tuner doesn't work out I will go back to this. I find that this is a fantastic product to rebalance my skin back to it's dormant state. The one where it's not inflamed but neither is it sparkling.

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ning * star said...

hooo... omg, Dr.jart is in Malaysia??
wow..u are so rich. ha~~ RMK is really nice, but I'm too poor to own it right now... gonna work extra part time for $$$$$

Yumeko said...

sounds interesting! i use their hydrating mist and i find tat good too! <3

Blair said...

Looks like a great toner!

Ahhh, the MM display in MV is wider... I took some of those pics at Sg Wang's Watsons =D

I want a bf to buy me headbands too! lol ;p

En エヌ said...

Wonderful review. Do you find the toner cooling at all?

saintangelius said...

ning -
Not that rich la! But I do so like to try new things ^_^

Yumeko -
Very nice indeed ^__^ a review on their multi-action balancing essence lotion coming up soon.

Blair -
Hehe... Told the Boyfriend " you want me to look cute ma, so must sponsor"

En -
The toner has a more hydrating then cooling effect to it. I attribute that tingly feeling to alcohol, seeing as this product doesn't have it it sits on your skin longer before evaporating. The witch hazel is more soothing than astringent.

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