8/15/2009 11:30:00 AM

Moist is it's name...

Product : AquaJuju Aquamoist Collagen Cream (It actually says Hyaluronic Acid Cream on the bottle)

Price : RM 51.90 (give or take a couple of bucks during sales)
A rather satisfying moisturiser. I bought this because I was in need of a new moisturiser/night cream after I realised that my current lotion was more like a serum then a proper cream. I chose the earlier bottle because I saw a faint line on the left side near the mouth area that wasn't there before. Think 2 weeks before. For some reason, I put it down to dehydration. That prompted me to purchase the first lotion and then this one. I read a review somewhere about how thick this particular cream is and that was one of the main key points as to why I bought it. I wanted something that worked as a good heavy duty night cream. The cream comes in 4 different variations but I chose this one as my first to try. Collagen being a very good skin plumper that it is stood out above the rest.
After using it for over a month I realise that this is good stuff! My skin is smoother and the pores are not as prominent. Black heads are much less. I believe the cream has also added to the efficacy of my Paul and Joe whitening serum. The main crux I wanted to address, 'The Faint Line' has also disappeared *jumps for joy* I was quite nervous about the whole birthday and the mandatory getting older part*
I strongly believe that the main culprit to most of my skin ailments is the Office AC. I find myself using heavier moisturisers lately to combat the lack of hydration in my skin these days. I'm literally slapping on lotion on my elbows, knees, ankles and hands every time i sit down at my desk. Yes! My ankles too.

The texture is nicely thick and creamy. There is no detectable scent or fragrance to this cream which is a big bonus. You only need a small dipping of cream from the pot to cover your face. Maybe a little bit more to do the neck as well. That picture shows the amount I use for both face and neck, twice a day. With that regime even after a month plus the pot is still at half.

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