8/14/2009 04:58:00 PM

Snow White...

Product : Paul and Joe Whitening Serum
Price : RM 145
I find this particular serum quite nice. I'm not too sure about the whitening properties at the moment as I haven't used it long enough to determine this. I have however noticed a significant 'brightening' and evening of my skintone. I have also had comments from Mummy and the Boyfriend over my skintone being fairer in just the past couple of days.
Another clue is also my foundation. I normally pick foundation shades that are just a tad lighter than my skintone in hopes of evening out my skintone with some cheapskate contouring tricks. I was never good with contouring powder or bronzers. I now realised my new P&J matches exactly and my previous staple, Shiseido The Makeup is too dark for me now. Hmm...
I missed a week of application because I had this pretty bad breakout on my chin. AHHA! I read the instructions and they said that one should not apply serum on areas that had pimples,sunburns or cuts. Being the typical chinese mind that I am, I had this horrid image in my head of that patch that didn't get the serum on it being significantly darker than the rest of my face.

The texture is smooth and runny. You only need 2 pumps per application twice a day. Lightly scented with their Signature Orange Flower, the serum absorbs in about 3 seconds after some light massaging. I use this after essence but before cream.

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♥akisa♥ said...

this is still on my wish list!! Let us know it goes~

saintangelius said...

Akisa -
Will do ^_ So far so good.

Jamilla Camel said...

This is my HG!! Along with Fair and Lovely Anti-Marks cream, which IS available at Dubai Duty Free!

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