I've been a way for a while for a number of reasons.
Week #1 = Events at work has caused this OL a number of sleepless nights and much agony.
Week #2 = More ensuing work related agony resulting in this OL going on a quick holiday where she visited 2 different islands but did not set foot on a single beach ( strange I know! I will have some pictures up soon)
Week #3 = Returned back to work on tuesday with a the ruddy flu -.- Spent much time in the office telling everyone I was fine but pumping Bio-C tablets at every available private moment. Only just got better today.

Today's post is about my new haul from Incheon DutyFree. WHEE!

All that only cost USD 34.00! Take for example the famous Strawberry Yogurt Pack . That one retails in Malaysia for RM 95 which is about USD 27.00. The one in the picture was purchased at USD10! I'm still reeling over the savings. I was always tempted to these 3 products whenever I browse the counters but couldn't bring myself to buy them. I wasn't prepared to pay that much for a mid-range korean brand when there is a heavy saturation of other low to mid-range korean brands that are cheaper here in Malaysia. SkinFood and The Face Shop are exceedingly popular.

Will do reviews when my skin is back to normal. The holiday and the flu has left it in dire need of restoration. Maybe that's where these guys would be useful...

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Blair said...

Wow, such great buys!!!

Oooh, you didn't go to the beach? What an amazing feat hahaa!

Thanks for getting back to me =D

ning * star said...

nice haul!!!... got freebies?

saintangelius said...

Blair -
No worries ^_^

Ning -
Sadly no Freebies. These weren't counter items. You buy them off selves! It's not that expensive a brand there in Korea.

stellarvixen said...

OMG what a bargain you got there!

how is laneige working for you!? do review
i have tried their samples- i think is for the problem free skin lol too mild ..
i need treatment range =.='

saintangelius said...

Stellarvixen -
So far so good! The items i have are for their special care range so they are all masks. I'm liking the strawberry peeling mask alot! Will do a review on them after 2 weeks of usage. I'm keeping tabs on the amount needed and also the results given from the 3 different masks.

May said...

What a steal! I like all your buy.

Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you.

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