7/21/2009 09:15:00 PM

When the going gets tough...

The tough go shopping!

I wanted to indulge in little retail therapy and decided to go shopping on sunday in Pavilion. Okay okay... the actual reason I wanted to go to pavilion is because I wanted to see the new Paul & Joe counter. Nancy(the very nice SA) told me during my last visit that they were going to move from Parkson KLCC to Parkson Pavilion on the 15th of July so I wanted to be there at least in the first week to shop my support. SHOW! I meant show ...

Anyways, I think I did alright. I refrained from spending like it was the last day before a worldwide ban on shopping. So here's what I got.

Here's the damage:

Paul & Joe Whitening Serum - RM 145
Paul & Joe Protective UV Primer - RM 118
Majolica Majorca Cheek Customize - RM 24.90
Facial Sponges - RM 9.45
Iora Chincer Belt - RM 33
Gossip Girl Season 1 DVD set - RM50

I couldn't help myself. I wanted something new to watch and Gossip Girl was sitting there on the shelf. The shine on it's plastic wrap cover being particularly flashy. More outstanding then all the other DVDs in the shop. I'll go back for Season 2 next when I finish this one.

I've been wanting to lay my hands on a bottle of that whitening serum for a long time but was waiting till i finished one of my current skincare items. I finally finished the ZA Deep Hydrating Gel on friday. The primer is a good stand in for my almost-gone DiorSnow White Reveal UV Shield. I picked up the MM blush because I wanted a stand-in for my LE MM Dolly Spice loose blush for days when I don't want that much shimmer. This one is the same shade but with a matte finish. I'll do a comparison soon.

I also visited the MAC store as I wanted to try all those lippies that I have listed on the side there --->
Sighs... No dice... the very pretty 'colour crafted' one made me look like a ganguro wannabe or a yamaba. Not quite the look I was going for. I didn't expect it to be that frosted. I tried a number and fI inally settled on one called ' Giddy' but it looked like too much like my Maquillage one. I will probably just bulk and get the Lunasol and Coffret D'or ones that I saw in Isetan KLCC instead. Those seemed to give me a better feel. I also wanted to pick up the fluidliner in MacroViolet but they were out of stock! Horror of horrors! I, Saintangelius the cheap, was willing to spend some money, and they were out of stock! Haha! Oh well...
I won't give up. I'll keep going back to MAC until I find a nice pink colour that finally matches my skintone! *said with much renewed confidence*

I checked out my next victims over at the RMK counter and I must say, I'm suitably impressed. Hehehe.... I have decided to go the skintuner in either Smoother or Light. I'd also like to try their Recovery Gel (this one depends on when my Laneige Water Bank gel is arriving) and their Fruit Barrier Cream. The Herb Mists smell absolutely divine. I'm tempted to pick up the bergamot one. I really love my tea, can you tell?
I'm not quite sure about the eye gel tho. I would like to try it but I'm not sure it does what I want it to do which is to diminish dark circles and maybe plump up the skin around my eyes.
Will keep you guys post if I make the purchase.

All in all, it was a very fruitful day. I can't wait for the next urge to shop. I enjoy being able to forget all the ails of the office and just browse and window shop, testing stuff is such a joy. I'm love trying on pretty dresses that I know I'll never wear. This is simply because I know that I would not have an occasion to wear them to and also sometimes it's too bold or daring. But then, for that 10 minutes in changing room, I'm a different person. The dress was made for me. The seams are tailored to my figure. For that precious 10 minutes, I own it and nothing else matters. Everything beyond the door melts away. Occasionally I invite the Boyfriend in an twirl happily for his approval. He loves to see me in pretty things. I love the floor to ceiling mirrors that circle the room. The delicious rustling of the fabric as I step into the dress and admire the way it falls about me. The smooth sleekness of the silk and satin ribbons. The texture of lace. The sheen of velvet.

Smiling brightly, I strike a pose.

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Blair said...

I'm definitely going to Pavilion to check out P&J's new counter and maybe to F21? hahaha Here's to hoping I won't splurge a lot ;p

Btw, are these brands available in Pavillion: Maquillage, Coffret D'or & Lunasol ?

Gillian Lim said...

finally, i've found you! you're linked ;)

stellarvixen said...

ohh please review the Paul&Joe whitening serum!
does it break out on you? lightening marks? spots?

currently my love is Diorsnow which works wonders but also very pricey T.T

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