7/21/2009 02:31:00 PM


I was removing my makeup last night when I had this idea. I was going to test the different removers I had on my counter against my toughest cosmetic item, KissMe Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara. This one has got to be the most long-staying no budging mascara I've ever tried. You can cry with this baby on and it won't even slide a milimetre.
I decided to document the process using 3 types of removers; Johnson and Johnson's baby oil, The Face Shop Brightening Rice Water(Migamsu) Lip & Eye makeup remover and Cyber Colors(spelt it wrong on my hand) gentle eye makeup remover.

I put nice healthy scrapings of the mascara on my arm and allowed them to dry.

Applied the moistened cotton pads and waited for 15-20 seconds.

Swiped once.

Swiped 4 times. Most of it is gone by now.

I find that both the baby oil and the migamsu face shop one tend to leave an oily finish. The cyber colours one surprisingly is quite clean and not sticky. I needed to apply more pressure for the migamsu one. And the baby oil one doesn't wash off well with just water. Cost-wise, Baby oil is less than Rm10, The face shop one is RM39.00, and the Cyber colours one is RM 32.90.

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