9/10/2009 02:15:00 PM

I've got a secret to share...

Something so juicy I couldn't keep it to myself. I just had to share with all your lovely ladies.

Yesterday I was hanging out at Pavilion KL after work. After checking the Shu counter ( M34 is indeed the match for majo's PK333!), I pranced my way to Parkson to see Nancy, my favourite Paul and Joe SA. We chatted and talked P&J for a nice long time, discussing the new fall makeup and the new bronzers.

Out of the blue Nancy shared with me her 'special' Paul & Joe Marketing and Sales kit! It was a huge stack of printouts of all the P&J products, particularly the new releases that are coming out soon!

It's confirmed. Stocks for the Fall Base Makeup collection will be at the counters from the last week of September. The new Light Cream Foundation S, Stick Concealer N(with new shades) and the new Undereye concealer. I can't wait for that last one.

A new lip moisture treatment (balm in a lipstick tube) will be out on the first week of October. They are staggering all the new products so there is always something new every month right up till next year. New lipglosses in squeezey tube form will also appear. We were talking about how I was going to keep my old lip gloss brush thing and squeeze the new one into it so that I can keep using the brush applicator.

I also got a sneak peek at... the 2009 Holiday Coffret. Yes! Paul and Joe has one on the way! For the life of me as I'm typing this I can't remember exactly what's in it but it's two products and one is in a tube(maybe skincare) and these items come in a lovely black box with lid embossed with the paul and joe name and new christmas design. So happy! Nancy is going to alert me when stocks are ready for pre-order or for buying. Malaysia is not really into pre-orders at counters for some reason. All I know is that when that shipment leaves Japan for Kuala Lumpur, one of those boxes will have my name on it!

3 opinions:

Blair said...

A holiday coffret? That sounds interesting! Do you know how much that'll cost?

ning * star said...

interesting... lol... feel like i want one of the boxes have my name too... haha

saintangelius said...

Blair -
There was a recommended price next to it but I didn't get to see it properly. I was trying hard not to drool over the paper ^^;; I haven't seen a holiday coffret from P&J since... since... that long!

Ning -
Hahaha! I'm saving money liao!

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