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Straight Line with a flick...

I get the feeling that the pictures in this post are all self-explanatory. these are all my Pen type liquid eyeliners. I like these more than my dipping brush types or the pencil types. I do however prefer gel liners to these as the gel liners have a softer look to them. But these are fabulous on the go ^_^-b I keep the HeroineMake one in my makeup bag with me.

So without further ado, Automatic Liquid eyeliners...

These are the swatches below. I didn't swatch the PN one because it's dry. I kept it anyways because it was one of the first liquid pen type eyeliners I bought and I still have trouble matching that colour ^^;; I found the replacment Maquillage one not quite the same.
These are the brush tips.
Overall verdict: I like the HeroineMake one for the stiff thin brush that is extremely comfortable to use. The Majo ones are thicker and like my Neo Automatic, tend to split after a while (I've seen it happen on quite a few testers - I thought it was just girls being rough with testers but I had a similar fate too). I also noticed that the fomulation for the Perfect Automatic Liner is not as 'thick' as the Neo Automatic one. Perfect seems to flake off faster in smaller bits. The Neo one stayed on longer and came off in chunks.

What about you girls out there who have these, what say you?

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Blair said...

I don't own any felt tipped liner from Majolica. I'd be absolutely outraged if mine split! haha

From your description, I think Shu's M33E will be too light for me.

Erm, I think the Etude House lip concealer is alright. I can't compare with others because this is my only lip concealer.. Beautymaker? Where are you getting it from?

En エヌ said...

The Perfect Automatic Liner completely flaked of my eyes, too.

But the Heroine liner looks great. I use Kate's Super sharp liner which is kind of similar but Heroine's looks thicker, darker and overall better.

Blair said...

PK333 is a dupe for Shu's P34C? Oooh, I'm so getting it!!! But, I have lots of pinks... should I branch out to peachier blushers?

saintangelius said...

Blair -
I know! I was so disappointed with my liner.
I double check at Shu just now and M33E is a much lighter than PK333. PK333 instead is an exact match to their new shade 'Pink 34'. The SA said that M33E is out of style cos it can seem a little dull on people. I laughed to myself ^^;;

En -
It's just one sad thing about the perfect automatic liner. I really loved the colours tho.
HeroineMake line is very very long lasting. Imagine a 14 hour day with oily eyelids. It totally lasted... until i rubbed my eyes later that night ^^;;

Blair said...

You're kidding me!!! SALE??? On MM? How about Kate?

Wait a minute, I'm no a no buy *urghh*

Blair said...

How much is the the discount? If I'm going to break my no buy, I better do it in style hahaa

Blair said...

I heard that Reflect Mirror Eyes are really sheer and glittery... not my cup of tea :(

Blair said...

Btw, you can purchase Kate for cheaper than retail from a website... I find it even cheaper than when it's discounted in Watsons/Guardian

Blair said...

Sweetie, are you trying to tempt me??? I was really lemming for something from Sonia Rykiel yesterday night, nearly texted my friend for a CP request.

Did you buy any of the new Rimmel e/s?

Savvy Gal said...

i have not used any of these. i really like the ones by chanel. : )
btw, i have a Dr. Perricone eye lift giveaway. Come join us. : )

ning * star said...

wow... i'm eager to get the green eye liner from MM, but after reading the review I think i need to think twice... but I think the MM pencil liner is pretty good, not sure because I've tried missha and it smudge in just a minute... but MM last much longer .... what do u think? any other brand u recommend, dont too expensive la, later I bankrupt xD

Blur Pei said...

hihi~hope u remember me.
I have majo's liquid eyeliner, however, it fade after i using just a few times. I not sure if the brush dried or the liquid had dried.majo liquid eyeliner also make my eye sore! mayb I sensitive with this.
currently using kate gel eyeliner which ez.
favourite liquid eyeliner is skinfood. ^^

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