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An innocent blush...

As promised these are the swatches for my Majolica Majorca blusher collection. I do realised that I tend to pick most of my blushers from this brand. I can't really pin point why I do this. Maybe because of colour suitability and also the lack of glitter. I'm not fond of glitter in my makeup particularly face and base makeup. Shimmer I can take but not glitter. I do like KATE's and MACs and also shu uemura's but these are usually my first pick as they are good for their price.

My camera seems to be shooting everything with a slight yellow overtone. I need to go reset my white balance again.

This is OR322, one of the first Majo blushers I picked up when their brand first launched in KL, hence the palette. It's a nice matte orangie-coral tone that has a nice warmnest to it. This gives a very natural flush to most asian faces. Good staying power and very pigmented colour so go easy and blend well. The pan is quite narrow tho as is with all Majo blushers. Paris B has compared this shade to NARS Orgasm. Seems that's it's a valid dupe ^_^

This is PK333. A matte cool toned pink. This makes that dolly pop look that was very popular last year and earlier this year. The pigmentation helps because you don't need that much of product for an outstanding blush on your cheeks. I use it on days that I feel girly ^_^ It's good to layer this over OR322 as well for a very cute night look.

This is the newly released 88. It's a shimmer glitter muted icy pink. I think the pink is more like a brightener type colour ( think P&J's pressed powders) instead of actual colour. There are obvious glitter bits in this one. Not big, but some enough to 'highlight' my pores on my nose. I must remember never to put this on my nose. Works great under the eyes and on cheeks. I'm trying very hard to find a purpose for it in my collection. It's pretty in the pan, I must admit.

This is from Majo LE MJ spice collection, around... autumn 2007? correct me if I'm wrong. It's called Dolly Spice. It's a pearl-finish pink in a loose powder form. This one sits in my everyday makeup bag as it's good on the go. Hold your finger over the top, tilt it over, tilt back and voila! pigment on your finger, rub on desired area with joy. Works as an eyeshadow in emergency situations. I'm looking to acquire the rest of this collection but of the 5-6 shades available this one the one I lusted after the most. The other would be the Red with gold shimmers.

Swatches of each individual colour on my arm. I like how they blend very well on the skin and still have such strong shades. I normally use a brush for a more subtle blend but these are done with my finger for shade accuracy. I only rubbed my finger across the pans twice for this level of saturation. It's quite strong in real life but I wasn't sure if the camera was going to pick it up. It did o.o! This is good for photoshoots ^_^

That concludes the blushers. Watch out for the eyeliner one coming pretty soon ^_^

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Blair said...

Thanks for the swatches!!!

I like to highlight my nose, so thanks for pointing out that 88 does indeed 'highlight' pores very well hahaa

Blair said...

How would you compare Majolica's PK333 to Shu Uemura's M33E?

saintangelius said...

Blair -
If I remember correctly (or at least to my own eyes), Majo PK333 is slightly darker with a blue tint to it. I find Shu's M33E to be more... whimsical XD lighter in colour. Think of Shu's as being more sweet lolita princess and Majo's as something that Avril would wear. They look almost similar in the pan but I think due to formulation the texture in Shu's comes off softer with a slight sheen eventhough it's matte. Majo's is full-on powder ^^;;...hmmm... I will double check again at the counters.

En エヌ said...

The highlighter looks pretty and soft but PK333 looks very cute, too. Is the Dolly Spice scented?

saintangelius said...

En -
Highlighter is quite interesting. It's a matte powder with little silver glitters. PK333 is indeed cute! None of the powders are scented(which is a good thing for me).

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