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The house of Etude...

I dropped by Etude House on Saturday out of curiousity because Ning said their facewashes were good and Kathi who reviewed their brushes a while ago and had me interested since then.

The above picture are the items I picked out, the SA at the 1Utama outlet was super sweet. I didn't catch her name but I would definately look for her again when I go and buy stuff. I was looking for a replacement of my blush brush as I felt the current one I had was a little ... too efficient? I picked up alot of pigment so I had to be very lighthanded with my application. I felt that it was more suitable as a big blending brush for my eyelids of a highlighter brush.

I also bought on of their hand masks as you can see from the picture above. This one was so intriguing I had to get it. It's their Rich Collagen Hand Mask Pack. I was already using a hand cream that was pretty good so I didn't think using it on my own hands was going to be any use.

*Lightbulb effect*

I'll use it on MUM!

These are mum's hands a little white after her shower. Typical mum hands. I followed the instructions on the back of the package and proceeded with glee. First I opened the section labeled 'Part 1' which contained 2 sheet masks shaped like hands soaking in the rich collagen serum. It was a milky white substance that had a thin lotion consistency (hey! Don't go getting dirty thoughts). It smelled quite nice, a light fruity floral bouquet that I couldn't quite distinguish. Not unpleasant. I placed the masks on the back of her hands and then open the section labeled 'Part 2'. This contained the plastic gloves. Such a quaint little idea! Slipped mum's hands into said gloves. Was a bit of a struggle because both of us were giggling madly as the finger bits of the sheetmask kept slipping off while the plastic mask was trying to go on.

This was the result of the giggling struggle.

Leave them in the plastic gloves for about 15-20 minutes. In the mean time you are suppose to massage your fingers at certain acupunture points as per the picture that is printed on the mask's packaging. Easy.

Finally, Mum's hands.

The mask is not a miracle worker but... It has actually made slight improvements on mum's hands. The immediate results were plumper more supple skin. It really was softer to the touch. The paleness was probably due to the fact that the mask was cold when it went on. All in all a good pampering treat that is not neccesarily for it's physical benefits but it's emotional one. Mum said it felt quite fun and relaxing. She liked the smell. She did however not a slight itching when her hands were first put into the gloves. I examined them there were not redness of swelling or any allergic reaction signs so I attributed the itching to their sheet mask quality which was a little rough. Good thing their face masks weren't like that. It's a shame. It would have been lovely if it were the same material as their face masks. Those are nice and thick. This was was quite thin.

Ah... fun experiment.

Have you guys tried this product before or done a similar hand treatment mask like the one from bodyshop?

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ning * star said...

oh, gonna visit the store again... haha
lovely mom's hand!

Blair said...

I wanna shop *sniff*

saintangelius said...

Ning -
Thank you! I'll tell her you said so ^_^

Blair -
Be Strong! Fight those retail urges!

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