9/05/2009 02:03:00 AM

Rewarding treats...

I decided to reward myself today for finishing a one-man project in less than a week. When I walked over to KLCC to pick up my copy of Popteen I swung by Watsons on the way up and peaked at the Majolica Majorca display.

LOW AND BEHOLD! The new autumn items were in! My fingers dived for the cheek customize blush I have been eye-ing for the longest time since I read about it on Haru's Blog all those months ago. My face lit up with glee. My fingers were twitching. My lips curved into a huge smile. My toes were doing a little happy dance in my ballet flats. My money in my wallet were inching their way out to aid our stagnant economy.

I couldn't resist that blush. Even it's colour code had such an ominous ring to it. 88 . Such an auspicious number for any chinese person out there. It was mine! When I got back to the office I was studying the blush a little more and then I started laughing (Not that my colleagues noticed anyways - random acts of craziness is the norm). This colour looks like my Paul & Joe Face Colour B No.46! I will definately have to test them out side by side to see but I think that the Majo one has more glitter.

Now, these two lovelies. The new perfect automatic liner. I always loved this particular Shiseido product in most of its incarnations from back in the day when Shiseido PN was still around. Their Automatic liquid liner was the best I've ever used at that point in time ( err... 7-8 years ago?) Literally love at first sight. Was utterly heartbroken when PN was discontinued and Maquillage wasn't available in Malaysia yet for a while. The shiseido The Makeup line didn't have those liners yet. I choose BR601(brown) and BL603(blue) becuase I needed a replacement for my Neo Automatic Liner in BR662 ( the brush tip was spliting-no nice thin lines anymore). When I swatched the blue on my hand I was quite taken. It was a shade that was work safe and yet quite funky in its own dark and fairly sadistic (pun intended) way. I didn't need another black liner because I can not find one that is as good as my KissMe Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner pen ( I will have to do a review and show this one to the world soon). Sadly Heroine Make only comes in black.

Sighs... shopping is such a rewarding exercise. The boyfriend eyes bulged out when he say the price run up on the till for those 3 items. But he barely made a comment on it, just like how I don't comment on the prices of his car parts and upgrades. We have such a good relationship together ^__^

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Jamilla Camel said...

I like the Neo Automatic liner too! It looks nice and is really easy to use!

Blair said...

Please do swatch your blushers! Me wanna seeeeeeeee! Sweetie, is the fall collection for Kate in yet?

ning * star said...

yaya... me too... swatches all of them and do a FoTD!!! hopefully next week I can get them when my bf come to visit me. haha!

saintangelius said...

Jamilla -
Yes! I think you'd like these too because the colours are slightly different. Adds to the collection ^__^

Blair -
Will do! I realised I seem to have mainly Majo blushes o.o;; Kate's Reflect Mirror Eyes don't seem to be on the shelf yet in KLCC. Keep an eye on MidValley. They seem to be the earliest for new stuff.

Ning -
Haha! I'll swatch but I dunno about the FOTD. I'll swatch what I have and maybe some from the shops so that you can make a ncie long list for when your BF comes to visit ^___^

stellarvixen said...

uu i wanna see the eyeliner too!!
always tempted to try em out! but the pen applicator seems thicker than koji - sscat kinda tought to apply lol

i find major blushes the narrowest! lol

saintangelius said...

stellarvixen -
Will do o.o-b Yeah! Their blush pan is ridiculously narrow. I had to buy a skinnier blush brush that i could fit it sideways XD

Jian said...

I have the black eyeliner too! Although actually I find I have a little problem with it though, because sometimes when it's dried, and I try to draw over it, I rub it off? Do you know what I mean?

I haven't tried the blushes though, but wow it does look super shimmery O_O Is that a highlighter?

saintangelius said...

Jian -
Yes it is a highlighter! Will swatch soon. I know exactly what you mean with the eyeliner! It sorta flakes off in bits.

En エヌ said...

The MM blush/highlighter looks so cute. Whenever I'm in the drugstore, it always catches my eye but I never leave with it. Is it very shimmery or more on the subtle side?

And please post a review of the Heroine liquid liner soon!

♥akisa♥ said...

I laughed when I read your comment about the Chanel Jade & Jade Rose polishes!! You & your bf are definitely a duo! haha

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