9/02/2009 01:56:00 PM

Let it snow...

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Lisa J. said...

Haha, so cute.

Blair said...

Oooh, it looks cold!

I'm not too sure about swapping but I think it's allowed. Something like swapping your existing items with someone else's should be okay.

Gifts are definitely more than okay since you're not spending a penny on it lol

rumtum tigger said...

o.O hi snowman!

Yumeko said...

hahahaha so cute!!!!

ning * star said...

ha... is it winter??
lol, people in your office, they must had turned into iceman... haha

the etude house cleansing foam is just for a basic use only, but i think it works much better than that, only rm 13.90...wooot!

May said...


saintangelius said...

Lisa.J -
Haha! Thank you!

Blair -
Yes, it's freezing -.- So gifts and swaps are okay eh? Remember to give a shout out if you are in need of any 'help' ^_~ Keep your wish list updated o.o-b

Rumtum tigger -
Very funny Julee. You wait till you sit in this office!

Yumeko -
Thank you. Didn't feel that cute when I was taking the photo ^^;;

Ning star -
In my office it might as well be winter. Thanks for the tip on the cleansing foam ^^

May -
Hehe ^^;;;; *shivers*

rumtum tigger said...

haha. there's no need to sit in that office. I'm already freezing my ass here. it's nearing spring but we're still getting days of 14 or 16 degrees while melb/syd are enjoying the blardy sunny days of high 20s. i want the sun!!!!

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