9/30/2009 07:06:00 PM

My cup of tea...


With much remorse I noted today that my supply of Sakuranoyu or better known as Sakura Flower Tea, is at its' end. I only have enough for 1 serving left. Or 2 if I'm lucky ^^;;

I have a pension for salty pickled things ^^ I love pickled Ume (plums) as well, particularly the one with akajiso (red perilla). Not vinegary(althought that is okay too) Salty is important! Anyone know where I can get some Sakura tea? I had to get a friend to sneak out of a buddhist camp in Japan to run to a supermarket an find this for me XD

I also drink this, Ume Kombu Cha (plum flavoured Seaweed Tea). I know that it is usually used as a stock base and makes a good flavouring for friend rice ^_^ I treat it as a savoury soupy drink on days that are too cold in the office.

I love tea ^___^ I'd take some pictures of my other teas but I'm in the midst of packing up my office and moving so some of the stuff I like I have not stocked up on yet. I can't wait for our new office pantry. I'm going to rule with tea!

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rumtum tigger said...

plum falvoured seaweed tea? so weird.. haha but ur sakura tea does "sounds" like a nice one... if only we could get it elsewhere.. hmm...

oh did u manage to get Kiehl's Rare Earth Masque??

saintangelius said...

rumtum tigger -
Haha! the seaweed one taste like soup. The sakura tea is salty sweet ^__^ And yes! I did get the mask today! Will blog about it when I finally get round to some pictures.

rhaindropz said...

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rumtum tigger said...

salty tea? even weirder.. hahah :p

cant wait to see ur review on the mask!! :D

*so poor alr still want to buy kiehl's.. someone kick me*

Lisa J. said...

The Ume Kombu Cha sounds really nice.

En エヌ said...

Tea is the drink of the gods! lol

You might have some trouble finding Sakura tea during this time of the year. There is this tea company called Chayu (http://www.chayu.net/index.html) that mostly specializes in Chinese flowering/blooming tea but around March, they sell loose-leaf flowering Sakura tea that's really beautiful. I think I've come across an international online store that sells their teas before.

Did the monks at the Buddhist camp ever find out about your friend disappearing for a while? ;)

saintangelius said...

rhain -
Will look into it ^_^

RUmtum tigger -
Hahaha! you need to go shopping!

Lisa J -
Best on a cold rainy day ^_^

En -
Thanks for the link! Chinese flowering teas a very popular here. They make a good show piece during tea ^^ My friend was lucky! He found a little time after dinner before lights out if i'm not mistaken. Managed to sneak out with another japanese dude. It was hilarious just thinking about it. Looking for Sakurayu in Winter(was December at that time)

Angela said...

hey girl

I also really like drinking tea. I especially love green tea.

Im a new follower and love your blog.


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