Last week coincided with a major holiday here in Malaysia. Needless to say I had some much needed free time to do some "ME" things. Shopping, Tea with friends, Movies... and cleaning out my room -.-

I'm a big supporter of recycling. I don't usually throw away stuff into the bin if I think it can be used elsewhere. I like sample containers because they are fabulous for traveling. What I don't need I put aside for my bi-monthly(sometimes after 3 months, if I'm lazy) trip to the recycling center. I know it's not much but I like knowing I'm doing my little part for the preservation of the planet's natural resources.

Anyways, I was collecting, arranging and cataloging all the different recycables in my room when the Boyfriend sorta walked in. I never show anyone my recycling collection. Generally, chinese people will just assume you are hording trash. Close... but not quite. So it was kinda like a 'deer in the headlights' kind of moment. Me... surrounded my cardboard boxes and glass bottles...the Boyfriend... staring down at me, bursting out laughing...

He then proceeded to take pictures of the collection, insisting I show to people who read my blog about my strange abnormality...sighs... So this are the items I've bought and used up since July.

I also have plastic containers and glass containers(that I have already arranged and put aside) which luckily he didn't see or there would be more pictures. I actually am pretty good at hitting pan with my skincare. I sometimes have difficulty with makeup as there are so many pretty things ^^

Do you girls recycle? One a single item basis or do you horde for a big mother load?

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stellarvixen said...

haha i hav the same thing will collecting boxes & packaging T.T

what am i to do with them....?too beautiful to go into the dumpster..

i guess i can bring into the office for paper recycle

ohh how is the Dr.Jart+ & kevinBeauty maker skincare working for you?

Lisa J. said...

I like to keep the boxes cause most of them are really pretty. But I really like to keep my rooms clutter free so to the rubbish bin they go.

Blair said...

I keep my boxes too for Japanese and HE stuff... the others go into the bin haha! And I spy two Majolica boxes! Which palettes do you own m'dear?

Blair said...

and and the plastic box with a crown? What is that?

Yumeko said...

omg look at the boxes XD
i tend to throw all my boxes away XD

Jamilla Camel said...


saintangelius said...

Stellarvixen -
Boxes to me are like a way to justify the money I spent on the products ^^;; I'm a sucker for packaging. Dr.Jart+ and Kevin beautymaker are not bad at all. Dr.Jart has it's pluses but over all it's quite 'tame'. Kevin Beautymaker is nice to use but the results are not as fast as I expected.

Lisa J -
If only I can be like you XD I love hording.

Blair -
Hehehe! I love P&J's and anna sui packaging ^^ I bought the violet and the green from Jeweling eyes. That plastic box with the crown used to contain Juju Aquamoist Collagen Cream. It's a pretty good heavy cream. I have to use sparingly as it gives me break outs if I don't use it properly.

Yumeko -
Haha! Probably me being in the creative industry I've seen the kind of work it goes into creating packaging like that so I feel a little heartsick when it comes to throwing them away. That or I'm a bona fide box-o-phile.

Jamilla -
Yes! Save the planet! Mother Nature could used some lovely highend cosmetics too! Even if it's only the packaging ^^;;

ning * star said...

where did u get the shiseido Tsubaki shampoo??

Rum Tum Cat said...

hi nicola~~
hehe is miao cheng here..keke wow u got lots of branded stuff !!!
which is good ? for pimple n whitening ~~~~~~~~

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