9/21/2009 02:47:00 AM

Tomorrow is another day...

I just finished watching 'Gone With the Wind'. I love that old world hollywood grandiosity. The set, the lighting the costume design and the flamboyant acting... ooh... sends chills up my spine. Needless to say, I love Audrey Hepburn and Ginger Rogers as well. I like how it's so surrealistic...

Anyways, this post is to serve as an update for the past week. Work has been catching up on me the last week. Busy, busy, busy. Also packing up some of my accumilated things in my cubicle for the imminent move. The boss has decided to move the company to a new location, taking with him a select group of staff to set up operations the new premise. Guess who's on the list. I'm actually glad thought. I would like to leave this stuffy air-conditioning system behind.

I picked up a copy of VoCe earlier in the week and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of samples in it. There was Paul and Joe's primer and the new light cream foundation N (in my colour too!) and generous sampling of Est's new line up. I picked it up because I noticed the paul and joe zip bag in it that was a rather cute purple colour. There was a fantastic article on how they tested out 10 of the newest foundations that were available on the market from the various brands. Very informative. I was quite impressed as some of those brands I wouldn't have thought of picking up, seeing their attributes done quite scientifically was very amusing and enlightening.

Another happy thing that happened this week was the arrival of my new phone on tuesday. I rushed off after work with the Boyfriend to pick it up. I haven't stopped playing with it since. I'm so happy! I haven't had a new phone in a while because I couldn't decide on which. I had wanted this particular phone for the longest time. I first say it on youtube at the tradeshow and struck it off as being only a concept model. I almost fainted when it was announced in May that it would be released here. I waited and waited and waited... until they did a soft launch at 1Utama (local shopping mall) for the holiday season and I snapped up one from the first shipment! Haha! Mine at last!

I'm proud to present to you, my LG GD900, fondly known as Crystal.

Yes, my phone keypad is transparent! It's a multitouch, gesture-enabled system, means it responds to more than one finger touching it at various pressures and shaking the phone in various directions produces interesting results. The keypad is also touch based and is used in a fashion similar to the touch pad of a laptop. You can also pre-assign finger markings as your shortcuts instead of scrolling through the entire menu for the applications you want. Wifi and 3G enabled, this lovely little piece of gadgetry comes with an 8MP camera and a symbian OS that allows for just about any Java application to run. This can run just about any application the I-Phone has and can also send and recieve emails like blackberry using it's own version of Outlook through it's 3G/GPRS/EDGE bands. Good for a pre-paid user like me that doesn't want the hassle of switching to a post-paid data service.

I love gadgets. Always have and always will. Its a passion that rivals that of my love for makeup^_^

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Jamilla Camel said...

Congrats on the move and on your new phone! I still hate Outlook, but good for the 3G/GPRS/EDGE band capability!

ning * star said...

where where did u get VoCe magazine?

Lisa J. said...

Nice phone!~ I love gadgets too but we have a love hate relationship. :P

saintangelius said...

Jamilla -
Thank you! It's going to be a great 4th quarter. I hate outlook too and I somehow can't fathom my phone storing my engorged email boxes(i have like 6 different accounts for various purposes). At least I can still check them online.

Ning -
Yes! Kino for Rm29.70. Very cheap! Somehow not as entertaining as Vivi or JJ as they have less fashion.

Lisa -
Thank you! This one is phone that will make all the bad things forgivable because it's so pretty.

ning * star said...

oh, but i don't think i will go kino anytime now... >.<
do u mind to scan some pages in your coming post?

Blair said...

Wheee~ Nice new phone!

Yumeko said...

tat phone is so cool! love the transparent keyboard

Yumeko said...

i agree with u about diaries!
i cant wait to see wat u buy!

Jian said...

OH MY GOD. TRANSPARENT KEYPAD! Sooooooooo cool!! Also, I love it when magazines have free things inside!

Except when it's like Estee Lauder Nutritive Anti-Wrinkle thingy for like 50 years +

... Then that's a bit pointless xD

stellarvixen said...

oh boy you got the latest LG Crystal...absolutely elegant!i too dig the transparent keypad hehe
saw it during a roadshow at OneUtama..
good buy!

yea..voce has less photos and fashion but its has freebies unlike vivi-jap version

DSK Steph said...

lol it's all brand new because I have a cosmetic resale license ^_~

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Hey S, thanks for dropping by my blog again, wow your new LG phone is so cool, that key pad is very impressive :)!!!.

With the mascara issue hehe :) I have tried Majolica Majorca mascara, I didn't really like that because I had to use an eye lash curler with it, because every time I use an eye lash curler it picks up my lashes and pulls off a few. So all of the mascaras I use now I don't use eye lash curlers with them and they curl naturally and stay there. Although MM will make my curled lashes stay there too but I also find the volume is not there comparing to HR and RMK.

Give RMK a try you'll love it and never turning back !! :)

chian said...

Voce is more on OL makeup right? I've never bought Voce before..but I'm quite surprised on the number of samples they give!

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