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26 candles...

I celebrated my 26th year on this good earth last wednesday in the most enjoyable fashion. The Boyfriend planned a week-long celebration starting from the friday before when we were having dinner with workmates at Chilli's.

The did the whole birthday thing with the chocolate cake and the singing.

Weekends was spent shopping after a month long self imposed ban on cosmetics(means I maxed out my cards) which I strangely didn't buy anything. I was thought since I waited so long I might as well wait for another week till after my birthday to buy RMK and more P&J becuase of the Malaysian Mega Sale.

On Tuesday we had dinner with my family including my grandparents at Ah Yat Abalone Forum. This blogger has a nice post about the same place. It was heavenly*____* Say what you like about endangered sharks in the sea but 'damn!' did the one in my bowl taste so good! At least you know that it didn't die in vain. However judging from the size of the slivers that one looks like an adolecent shark which was bred in captivity for the purpose of harvesting thier fins to eat. Still good to eat. It's good being chinese in a country with a strong chinese community. Old traditions die hard.

My birthday cake was a whole tray of cupcakes ^_^

Wednesday the Boyfriend took me to Tamarind Hills.

It was so beautiful. The atmosphere was quite and relaxing. Water and dark teak wood were the main features in the deco and the food.

Oh! the Food! It was an absolutely sublime experience.

I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who is visiting Malaysia and any Malaysian who wants to find out of our famous Malaysian hospitality is a myth or not. After that we went for the japanese movie, Departures. It was one of those that can bring a tear to your eye. Typical japanese ones about their culture and heritage and general misconceptions of society.

Now, on thursday my parents took the both of use out to Victoria Station for Steak. Was good. Good wine and grilled meat is one of the best recipes for a happy Saint. Did I mention I that I have a pension for semi-dry sweet white wines from the Rhine region? We had a robust Aussie Red from Middlesbrough instead but just as nice. On it's own it would have been soso but I guess it was nicely complimented by the carpetbag steak I had.

On Friday, I didn't do much. I had my usual bible study class with the kids ( one of the community activities I have taken up in my bid to give something back - has been very rewarding thus far - what can I say? I love teaching )

On Saturday, we did a spot of shopping in the afternoon at one of my favourite places, Daiso. The japanese 100yen store. I dunno why but I always have something to buy whenever I walk into that place. There is always a thingamabob or whatsit or a doodat that I need for my room/office/car/handbag/house. You are bound to find the oddest things that are meant to service a particular need in your lifestyle that you never knew existed. Makeup Sponge Cleaners. Wet slender Q-tips for makeup touchups. A baby tooth box amulet shaped like a monkey. An Egg shaper shaped like a car. Gel form charcoal deoderizer for the vegetable section of your refridgerator. The list goes on.
In The Evening, the Boyfriend and I rounded up our close friends and we all tripsy our way to My Elephant down by the Happy Mansions for dinner. Thai! Again! So nice! I bet my next year is going to be spicy and passionate. Absolutely sizzling with lovely things! The food was lovely but the service was not what I'd have expected but then again they had a full house. Apparently you can't get seats on a weekend unless you have pre-booked which is what the Boyfriend did. If you happened to have googled for the restaurant and ended up on my blog, ORDER THE ROAST DUCK CURRY IN BIG! You won't regret it!

My dad woke up early on Sunday to cook the traditional Hakka Birthday Breakfast Noodles ( Bak Terng Mee Suah - pork soup rice noodles) It's one of those traditions in the house where my dad who rarely cooks does this thing in the mornings for the person's birthday. It's nice. Mum and I appreciate it alot as it's quite a special thing watching him make a mess of the kitchen but we don't mind. The noodles make up for the mess he creates.

Wow... So I'm a year older. A year wiser. A lifetime full of endless possibilites and lovely surprises. Beautiful people to meet. Friends and family to embrace. A love to cherish. I am want for nothing. The stock market might decline. The americans might invade North Korea. Office Politics might get way out of hand. But as drastic as these might seem as you read it, I do not feel any actual emotional attachment to these events no matter how close to home they may be. I guess it all boils down to faith. The life is too good to waste...

(I'm missing some pictures here but will get round to updating them soon)

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rumtum tigger said...

wow!! wonderful birthday!! sounds so joyous! with so many celebrations. haha...

ps. cupcakes looks so pretty!! any idea where from? wondermilk?

Jamilla Camel said...

Happy Birthday! Wonderful post!!

saintangelius said...

rumtum tigger-
Aww! Wish you were here with us. It would have been double the fun. I would have liked to try wondermilk's. Maybe on your birthday ^_^ My aunt knew this lady : http://whitedaisykitchen.blogspot.com/ : so she order from her. Not too bad. Nice cake base.

Jamilla -
Thank you! I endeavor to entertain *bows*

♥akisa♥ said...

simply lovely photos~ Are you still in Melbourne?

rumtum tigger said...

hmm i just realised, ur cupcake (with the candle) was actually leaning like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. haha

oh i miss celebrating my bday in KL =(

saintangelius said...

Akisa -
Sadly no. But I'm working on my migration... trying to gun for skill migrant under education.

Rumtum Juls -
Haha! It was the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake. Remember the time the 3 of us pigged out on the tostada chips?

rumtum tigger said...

OMG OMG!!! ahhh.. you shouldnt hv told me what it was.. hahaha

nvm sept is very near. sept is coming. sept is around the corner. blardy hell sept is &^%#@@ months away -____-

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

late to the party but Happy Belated birthday! :D

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