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Just like a HK-Drama...

I haven't posted in days because of some issues in the office that have been very distracting.

I detest office politics. My current employment is riddled with it. More than I've seen in any other.

Anyways, I have a review!

Kanebo Blanchir Trail Kit

1 x Make Off Conditioner (make up remover)
1 x Clay Wash Conditioner (Facial Foam)
1 x Clear Conditioner (Toner)
1 x Milky Conditioner (Moisturiser)

After ZA True white I was in the market for some new skincare. I decided to try out some new stuff. Move away from drugstore brands which are targeted more towards teens and college girls. I wanted something a little bit more sophisticated. Maybe perhaps some early anti-aging help.

One of the interesting kits I picked up was Kanebo Blanchir. The total cost was RM40(or less cos I bought other things and received a discount) from an LYN seller. The red bottle caught my attention immediately because it's not often that you see a whitening skincare range that is not white or pale blue. And the scent was very, very light. A faint tinge of a chinese medicinal hall.

Make Off Conditioner = This isa decent cleansing oil. It has instructions where if you massage it onto your nose and leave it for 10 minutes if will facilitate the removal of black heads. I've tried it and it does work!

Claywash Conditioner = This is nice. If you leave a thicker layer one it can be treated as a mask. It work well in reducing shine on my face. An easy formula to sud up and massage on to my face. Removes base make up.

Clear Conditioner = This is a whiskey coloured liquid that smells very strongly of chinese herbs and alcohol. I leaves my face feeling tight and dry right after application. This didn't go down well with me at all. Here's a picture of the liquid.

I have a strange habit of decantering my toners into spritzer bottles to facilitate my application. I'm not too fond of using cotton pads to apply my toner. I like to spritz it on my face and then pat it in. I find that this way, a bottle of toner goes a long way. Prior to this I was using at least 3 bottles of toner to a bottle of moisturiser( for other brands).

Milky Conditioner = This is the standard day moisturiser of the set. I didn't get the night cream. I found this to be ineffective in providing adequate moisture to my skin after the stripping it got from toner. It clearly wasn't enough. I had to suppliment with some of my other cream just so that it would not feel as dry. Has a chinese herb smell that goes away quick enough after application but can be a bit of a put off for first timers.

Over All =
I have decided not to re-purchase this range as it wasn't suitable for my skin. I had so much hopes on it becuase of the impressive phamplets and write up that I've read on it. Some reviews even claimed that it was way too moisturizing and broke them out. This only succeeded in drying my skin out further, causing some fine lines to form around my mouth and also on my nose .This is cause I kinda squinch it when I laugh/cry/look serious/ sneeze/ squint to see stuff.
Maybe I might get the make off Conditioner but then again there are too many other cleanser brands that a cleansing oil that is equally as good or if not better.

Have you guys tried this out before? What do you think?

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